Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missing Mania: Yoshi Tatsu is still learning the language of the WWE

Yoshi Tatsu is still learning the language of the WWE

by Kevin Kellam 3/20/10

This young immigrant star from New Japan Pro Wrestling was a bright spot on ECW in 2009-10. Even though he may have entrance music that sounds better fitted for a Skittles candy commercial, his naieve foreigner personalty has made him into an endearing up 'n comer. His character as a Japanese guy learning the language and way of life in America may seem like comedic fodder especially his giggle-worthy backstage skits with Goldust, but it's his stellar ring work that makes him really shine. His singles matches on ECW were consistently action-packed. His atheletic grace in the ring is undeniable. Yoshi is able to move very fast but not too fast. He just sets engaging tone to his matches. And pay attention to his finishing move, the Buzzsaw Kick. It just looks brutal.

It's also worth noting that Tatsu is making a hard adjustment with the "WWE style" of pro wrestling. Especially when you consider he started his pro wrestling career in the NJPW Dojo, where hard hitting "strong style" is the philosophy. Also he has adjusted well with his showmanship, a performance characteristic which is not ever present in his homeland's wrestling world.

Now with his limited grasp of the English language, one could understand his absence from WrestleMania 26. With the mainstream audience you need a big time personalty that is loud and reels in the masses.Yoshi may be lovable, but he's just that right now, lovable. But you don't say "Hey that guy who won the World Title, He's just lovable". Nobody goes over on bruisers like Batista and the Big Show, if they are just 'lovable'.

No these wrestlers need some grit, they need a little edge. Yoshi needs that killer edge to propel himself. Maybe give Yoshi a manager, like a good valet or veteran wrestler to groom him with grizzle. It's also worth nothing that Yoshi's WWE career is still in it's infancy. He has time to grow and does appear to be heading towards the "future endeavors" of released WWE talent.The kind hearted head kicker from Japan is not ready for the bright lights of pay per view just yet, but with some upgrades, he could get there. And if he does, you could see him putting on some show-stealing matches on pay per view in the future.

But I could also be putting my foot in my mouth in a couple months when Tatsu is just stuck doing jobber patrol in three minute matches on Monday Night RAW.

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