Saturday, March 20, 2010

Missing Mania: Marc Henry is not strong enough for WWE's Biggest show

Marc Henry is not strong enough for WWE's biggest show

by Kev Kellam

"The World's Strongest Man " Marc Henry has been with the WWE for a long time. Henry signed a ten year deal with the company in 1997. So just by looking at the length of his run in the biggest wrestling company in the world, you would think Henry would have a couple notable performances on the biggest show in wrestling, Wrestlemania. Well, that is not exactly the case with the Olympic power lifter from Silsbee,Texas.

Henry has had one memorable match on a Wrestlemania show, and that was losing to the Undertaker in a mediocre Casket Match in 2006. During the build up to that match, there was not single fan watching who felt Marc Henry was going to beat the most cherished winning streak in professional wrestling. This was Henry simply being added to the long list of the 17 foes defeated by the Undertaker in his long running Wrestlemania streak.

The highlight of the match was Undertaker's daredevil over the ropes, past the casket, and a crash into the tank-like body of Henry. Many fans have that same distinct memory of the match, but does anyone remember anything that Henry did that match? Not really. The last thing anyone remembers about that match was the Undertaker standing victorious over another giant stuffed into an over sized casket.

During his time in the WWE ,Wrestling fans have long dissed Henry's in-ring work as "limited". Henry's hulking frame has never really lent itself well to up-tempo action.Plus his long list of injuries have put him on the DL for a good chunk of his wrestling career. But even through torn quadriceps, busted knee caps, and unfunny storylines which had him dating elderly women, Marc Henry is still with the WWE. In the past few years, he has stayed relatively free of injury, improved his physical performance, and in 2008, he captured the ECW Championship.

So far that title win must be considered Henry's biggest pro wrestling achievement. Though in retrospect, that achievement lost it's luster slightly when ECW was put out to pasture in February. Henry has been on the RAW brand for almost a year now, and has really just lingered at the top of the mid card level with recent tag partner, MVP.

This tag team recently had a run against the Unified Tag Team Champions, The Miz and Big Show. Henry and MVP were not successful. And after only one pay per view match between the two teams, the feud was brushed aside as The Miz gained a prominent "pro" mentor role on the new WWE series, NXT and MVP won a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The tag team pairing with the more charismatic MVP was Henry's best chance at making it onto Mania 26, and it is now gone.

Marc Henry is like every other wrestler on the WWE roster, they all want a great "Mania Moment", but Henry simply has not had that moment it yet. The bigger question remains, will he ever have that moment?

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